Personal Transport


Footloose: Mando

The world’s first chainless bike was born, thanks to state of art technology. Series hybrid system technology built with advanced automotive know-how ...

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girl on Strida5

Strida: Ming Cycle

Strida is an award-winning folding bicycle. Inspired by the Maclaren baby buggy, it was conceived firstly, on the premise that folding bikes ...

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Kitchen Products

C2P chute

Chop2Pot: JosephJoseph

The no-spill cutting board is a kitchen aid that makes the transfer of food from chopping board to cooking pan significantly easier. ...

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One touch Opener

One-Touch: Daka

Pioneered in 2005, the first hands-free ‘One Touch’ can opener was born and subsequently became a huge hit. The patented One Touch ...

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Can Do _1

Can-Do: JosephJoseph

Clever and compact, with an easy-twist handle, this pocket-sized device does away with the cumbersome handles and magnets of other can openers. With ...

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Medical & Industrial

Medical (Chairbed) AIRBRUSH


KeyMed Links KeyMed Chair-Couch Video  

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Bonsai Valve Floworks Jet at 9 degree open Traj


Bonsai is a new form of industrial valve. MAS Design was commissioned by the valve manufacturer Satchwell Systems to design its first ...

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Nu-heat is the leading UK under floor heating supplier. Under floor heating is more economical, gives more pleasant heat and avoids radiators. ...

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