C2P chute

Chop2Pot: JosephJoseph

The no-spill cutting board is a kitchen aid that makes the transfer of food from chopping board to cooking pan significantly easier. A one-piece moulding with 7 integral hinges was used to allow the board to fold into a chute to guide chopped food into the pan. Originally, the design was thought to be technically impossible. However, mould flow techniques were used to disprove this.

MAS Design & JosephJoseph have partnered to improve and re-introduce Chop2Pot

The product has won several design awards including; Forma-Finlandia (world’s best plastics products), Archimedes Awards for Innovation and Horners Award for ‘Innovative Use of Plastics’. It is in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).