Personal Transport

Lotus Elon

1969 Analogue Lotus Elan reborn without noise & smells. Same weight to keep handling balance

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Footloose: Mando


The world’s first chainless bike was born, thanks to state of art technology. Series hybrid system technology built with advanced automotive know-how and smart technology made possible to hide parts inside the sleek frame. The Mando Footloose, as a synthesis of innovation, design and technology, represents a totally new approach to e-mobility


iF Bikes: Pacific Cycles


People who need to combine cycling with other forms of transport will really appreciate the intelligent design of the IF series, which allows you to fold it in half in seconds and push it along.

IF bikes feature a unique folding mechanism that swing-folds over on itself in a single action to bring the two magnetized wheels securely together. IF bikes offer the ultimate in convenience and portability, and are perfect for the city explorer or commuter.