RoboTwist – Jar Opener

Robotic Jar Opener

One of THE most challenging projects. The difficult ‘2nd album’ to the very successful One-Touch Can Opener – the brief was to develop a fully automatic ‘One-Touch’ Jar opener. Most difficult as it has to be made for 1/5th of the affordable $16-$20 usd selling price. A HUGE Design, Value engineering and Design for manufacture challenge.

This project was the subject of a forbes ‘teardown’ article:

The product has helped millions of elderly and weaker handed people open Jars of all sizes – fully automatically. Sadly although fully patented, a large US company copied the unique mechanism and used their much larger bank balance to justify themselves “OK Sue us” (the global patent system depends on huge costs to fight infringers resulting in the company with the biggest bank balance usually wins ! As described here: > )