Winding CorkScrew

Simple – Just Turn

Another product originally with JosephJoseph, Now with JML in all good (and average) stores that stock JML eg Tesco, Iceland, Robert Dyas etc etc

At first the brief from JosephJoseph was daunting: to ‘design a better corkscrew’ as there are so many good corkscrews. But by watching people use other corkscrews, seeing their difficulties and particularly the time it can take to uncork a bottle – I concentrated on concepts that were simple, easy and fast to use.

Several innovations came together: The extending handle allows continuous easy turning – which is faster and takes less force than the normal pinch-release-pinch-release used on most corkscrews. The second key innovation is the spring loaded, PTFE coated screw, which automatically aligns and digs into the cork, so that all the user has to do is place and turn. Cork removal is also simplified by turning the handle backwards – where the cork is automatically gripped and easily drops away.